“Date Palm Research Network to Promote Sustainable Agriculture.”

Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation, hosts

Dr. Nasr Eldin ALObaid, Director General, ACSAD, by organizing a scientific virtual lecture on

With the attendance of 85 experts and specialists, and representing 14 countries. 

Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation’s General Secretariat, organized a scientific virtual lecture on the “The role of the Arab Centre for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Land (ACSAD), in developing date palm cultivation in the Arab countries”, presented by Dr. Nasr Eldin ALObaid, Director General, ACSAD, on Monday 23rd of August, 2021, with the attendance of 85 experts and specialists representing 14 Arab countries. Dr. Abdelouahhab Zaid, Award’s Secretary General, noted that this virtual lecture comes under the directives of H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, Chairman of the Award’s Board of Trustees, and within the Award’s framework and commitment to spread the scientific knowledge and awareness specialized in date palm cultivation and agricultural innovation.

From his side, Dr. Nasr Eldin ALObaid, emphasized that the role the center has played since its establishment in 1968, in serving the scientific research in dry areas at the Arab countries. Referring to the date palm program that was established at the center in 2003, with the aim of developing date palm cultivation in the Arab countries, by adopting concepts of integrated date palm tree management, through the dissemination and cultivation of economically important varieties in the Arab countries, and implementing techniques that helps increase date production. ACSAD also adopted principles of sustainable agriculture, in practices of date palm care, as well as the implementation of projects and research to develop integrated management methods of date palm pests and diseases, by using available technologies and means to increase the knowledge level of those involved in date palm cultivation, from the governmental sector as well as farmers, in addition to the development of post-harvest techniques, and the use of the GIS technology in the program’s projects and plans, and also working  towards developing solutions and programs to combat the red palm weevil.

Dr. ALObaid, then presented ACSAD’s experience, that extends to more than 20 years in developing the date palm sector, through a number of projects, such as the date palm research and development network project, 1994-2002, and the evaluating and selecting new varieties of date palm seedlings project, 2006-2018, developing vertical and ground date palm orchards service operations to increase production and improve quality in the Arab region project, 2015-2019, Sustainable use of groundwater to improve farmers’ livelihoods, and to preserve environmental conditions in the oases project, 2004-2010, the irrigation water management project using modern technologies, the development of irrigation technologies of date palm trees project, ACSAD research station, and the combat sand encroachment in Siwa Oasis in the Arab Republic of Egypt project.

Dr. Nasr Eldin ALObaid, then concluded the lecture by highlighting the great role played by the Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation in supporting and developing the date palm cultivation sector and the date production, through the organizing of Jordan International Date Palm Festival, Sudan International Date Palm Festival, and Egypt International Date Palm Festival and the accompanying activities and events. Which actively contributed to the increase of the reputation of the Arab dates and the volume of exports, in addition to the series of international conferences organized by the Award’s General Secretariat.

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