“Under the Theme of “Transitioning to the Future Today

the 7th Annual Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership
Virtual Forum 2021 Draws to a Successful Close

Supported by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and with a theme focused on transitioning to the future today, the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 2021 featured distinguished speakers and plenary sessions over the duration of the two-day event

Abu Dhabi – 25th November 2021: Supported by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), the 7th Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership Forum, hosted by the Abu Dhabi Sus-tainability Group (ADSG), and sponsored by Dolphin Energy and Etihad Airways, was a huge success, with over 150 guests in attendance. The online event, which took place over the course of two days, aimed to foster and promote sustainable development, innovation, and re-sponsible business growth.

While celebrating the UAE’s Golden Jubilee, this year’s forum focused on the global efforts and corporate practices needed to champion sustainability for the next 50 years and beyond. In alignment with the Leadership of the Government of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 2021 explored the key areas under its theme of Transi-tioning to the Future Today.

Speaking at the forum, ADSG Director, Huda Al Houqani, said: “The theme of forum is a practical way to frame what we need to do now to ensure that work is aligned and timely. To deliver a sustain-able economy and a resilient future for the UAE and globally we need to meet the increasing demand for sustainable companies today. Companies that successfully combine environmental, social, and gov-ernance (ESG) performance will be the companies of the future. Those companies have transparency around climate related risks in their business and industry. The forum is a platform that continues to disseminate information and knowledge to all our members and stakeholders effectively, growing its reach and impact year on year.”

The conference was honoured with the support of high-profile leadership from across the UAE, the region and internationally.

The opening of the event was welcomed with a keynote address by Her Excellency Dr Shaikha Al Dhaheri, Secretary General, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), who emphasized the importance of accelerating the adoption of sustainability into organisations’ governance and de-cision making.

Her Excellency Dr Shaikha Al Dhaheri, Secretary General, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi said: “At the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, it is our mission to protect the environment and pro-mote sustainability, as it not only helps boost the city moving forward but it also ensures its residents and citizens are able to live healthy lifestyles. Through our incredible work so far, we are continuing to take big steps towards conserving our natural resources, but a collective effort is required if we are to drive positive change – both in Abu Dhabi and across the world. To achieve this, it is imperative that
organisations come together, act decisively, and implement a forward-thinking approach as part of their efforts in protecting the planet, so that people can have cleaner places to live in for years to come.”

The event’s lead sponsor, Dolphin Energy, who has supported the event since its launch in 2015, also participated as speakers during the event. The company’s CEO, Mr. Obaid Al Dhaheri, said: “As a leading company in the oil and gas industry, we are only too aware of the role we need to play in driving sustainable development. We are witnessing a transition and we need to seize the opportunity and embrace the values of ambition, collaboration and adaptability so that we can serve the environment, our society and the economy well for the next 50 years and beyond.”
Representing the event’s official airline carrier Eithad Airways, Etihad Aviation Group CEO, Tony Douglas, said: “As the UAE’s flag carrier, Etihad is committed to sustainable development in aviation in line with Abu Dhabi’s vision and commitment to the reduction of Carbon Emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. The work the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership Forum is doing will play a critical role in enabling the safe and sustainable growth of organisations cross the UAE for year to come.”
Four plenary sessions took place over the two days of the forum, where 22 high caliber sustain-ability experts spoke.

During day one, the CEO panel discussed methods of harnessing nature-based business solu-tions, circular business models, and ESG to sustainably transform businesses and institutions, followed by a panel that launched the ADSG and A4S Circle of Practice Case Studies Report and discussed the risks and opportunities associated with sustainability trends, such as climate change and resource scarcity. The panels on day two explored the increasing prominence of ESG disclosures and the importance of engaging customers as part of a sustainable business model.

The final closing speech of the day by ADSG Director, Huda Al Houqani, reviewed all the fo-rum’s plenary sessions, calling on delegates to share their insights and comment on the lessons learned over the two-day event. Al Houqani said, “As our expert panelists and your good selves have reinforced time and time again, it is in all our interests to integrate transparency and good gov-ernance into our day-to-day operations and to instill these values as core principles within our organi-sations. And if we can attribute to social, natural and human capitals their true values, then we can make a meaningful and direct positive impact on the future while conducting better business. Change can be a daunting prospect, but there are so many resources and so much support and wisdom to be found in our peers and amongst the wider sustainability community. I hope that this Forum has served as a good example of this and provided a valuable knowledge sharing and networking oppor-tunity for all involved.”

ADSG will be publishing a full report of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Business Leadership Fo-rum in December.
Please visit www.adsg.ae for more information.

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