Arab Forum for Science Media and Communication is convening for the second year

[Dubai, February 1, 2022] The Arab Forum for Media and Science Communication will be launched for the second year in a row next Saturday. The event is gathering a crowd of media and communication specialists in the region; to discuss ways to build and develop capacities in this field, and mechanisms to overcome challenges they are facing.

The Forum, which is organized by SciCommX company, is the largest event specialized in media and science communication in the Arab world. It brings together all interested journalists, editors, content makers, entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists, providing them the opportunity to meet virtually and exchange experinces in their mother tongue.

The forum will be held online from February 26 till 28, under the theme of: Forseeing The Future, with a programme that carries carefully selected sessions.

The sessions will varied between discussions of some pressing scientific issues and the role of media in raising public awareness about them, like climate change and the blue economy, to participations about important and latest tools that help reach different audiences like podcasts. Some sessions will present insights about the challenges facing some sectors in the field, like scientific translation, and science centers and museums, others will shed light on the success stories of individual and institutional initiatives.

Saad Lotfey, CEO of ScicommX and co-founder of the Forum, says: “This year we have a busy schedule that was co-presented by many entities, on the top of them our stratigic partener for this year’s Forum, Meta Journalism Project”.

Lotfey adds: “Our parteners include: Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), The Arab Fact-Checkers Network (AFCN), The Sharjah Academy For Astronomy, Space Sciences and Technology Sciences, Doctors Without Borders, the British Council in Cairo, and the North Africa & Middle East Science Centres Network,”.

Lotfey stresses that such events give an unbeatable opportunity for exchanging experiences with colleagues from all over the Arab world, but for long periods it was not available to many because of its financial or organizational burdens.

“This year has a special additive to the programme; as we devoted an entire day of the forum for capacity building in various media and science communication skills, by highly qualified experts from all over the region,” Mohamed ElSonbaty, a science journalist, trainer of media and science communication skills, and the co-founder of the forum, explains.

ElSonbaty enumerates some of the workshops and master classes that will be presented on this day, such as a workshop for solutions journalism, fact checking, writing science program scripts, and a master class on science communication skills for researchers.

One of the highlights of the forum this year, says Bothina Osama, managing editor of the Arabic edition of SciDev.Net and co-founder of the forum is ‘Meet the Editors’ session. “During this session, journalists, especially freelancers, can comunicate directly with the top science editors in the region, and present their ideas for stories to editors in many local and regional media organizations,” She explains.

In its first year, The Arab Forum for Media and Science Communication was attended by more than 500 people from 27 countries, 46% of them were females. Its activities included 36 sessions in which more than 70 speakers from various science and media disciplines spoke.

Lotfey adds that registration for attendance is still available on the forum’s website, where more than 400 attendees already registered till now, the tickets have been divided into three categories according to the attendees’ experiences: explorer, professional, and pioneer, and the booking page can be accessed via this link.

SciComm X is an agency that offers 360-degree solutions and services in the field of science media and communication. Its mission is to empower and support science media and communication ecosystems worldwide through building innovative products and bringing creative solutions.

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