Competition ignites over $8 million at the King Abdulaziz International Falconry Festival

Abdlaaziz AGHRAZ

Competitions for the prizes of the King Abdulaziz International Falcon Festival, in its fifth edition currently held in Riyadh, ignites between local and international falconers to reach the final round on December 13 and to be crowned the “King Abdulaziz Sword” award and win the festival’s prizes amounting to 30 million SR, 8 million UD. The prizes of this festival are exceeded and mounting up to 115 million SR, 30.6 million UD.

Starting from November 28, at the headquarters of the Saudi Falcon Club in Mulham in Riyadh, the festival has been witnessing enthusiastic competitions between local and international amateurs and professionals of different ages and groups.

The final rounds of the festival with the title of King Abdulaziz Cups were allocated to the first three places in each round of the 12 rounds for each category (owners – open owners – professionals).

Saudi Arabia, in accordance with the ambitions of Vision 2030 and through this festival, seeks to revive the region’s heritage in falcon racing, preserve the falcon hobby, support falcon breeders and amateurs and professionals, contain falconers, and develop their skills

Walid Al-Taweel, the official spokesman for the Saudi Falcon Club, confirms that the festival is looking forward to new generations and organising competitions for the “Falconer of the Future” for young amateurs to draw their attention towards this heritage. He also points out that the festival has turned into a global destination for falcon breeders and hunting enthusiasts and become a one of the first of its kind in the region and the world.

Additionally, there was a previous auction organised by the Saudi Falcon Club last year and witnessed the sale of the most expensive falcon of its kind in the world, as the value of the falcon “Qarmousha Ultra white” amounted to one million and 750 thousand SR (more than 400 thousand US dollars). It is estimated that the size of the falcon market in Saudi Arabia reaches 150 million SR (40 million US dollars).

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