Ellinikon (Cultural Renewal Project), the largest sustainable city in the world (1-2).

Abu Dhabi Environment Network in and exclusive interview with Lamada Real Estate Development Company in Greece, to talk about the Elencon Center project

Abu Dhabi Environment Network, Athens, Greece, 12th December, 2022.


1- How is the design of the city sustainable?
A: The Ellinikon is also set to include one of the largest coastal green spaces in the world with a two million square metre smart-park, The Ellinikon Metropolitan Park. This new-age green and environmentally friendly masterpiece has been created by world-renowned architecture firm, Sasaki. With sustainable expertise in architecture engineering, and design, the 2 million sqm Park is foreseen to become the largest and most important green area in Greece and one of the biggest coastal parks in the world.

2 – Is the architecture of the city environmentally friendly and does it affect the climate?
A: By creating open green spaces across 70 percent of the project, The Ellinikon will nearly double Athenians’ existing green space per capita. In The Ellinikon Masterplan, climate resilience is also a top priority.

Water management and anti-flooding systems have been developed by expert engineers. This includes an elaborate underground system for collecting, treating, and channelling rainwater. The project also includes the restoration of the region’s streams and the construction of an underground wastewater treatment facility that will provide clean water for irrigation and water supply in The Ellinikon park.

More than 1,000,000 newly planted trees in the Ellinikon Park surrounded by sustainable residences and hotels.
In new buildings, research shows green parasols can reduce street temperatures by up to 30%. The passive cooling approach in buildings focuses on controlling heat gain and dissipating heat in a building to improve indoor comfort using little or no energy.

Smart city technologies (AR navigation, etc.) will be in use from day one. The offices will meet LEED and WELL certification requirements. With electric vehicle hubs, visitors will have more access to electric vehicles by providing hubs to service most electric transportation. Electric vehicle charging stations are planned for these hubs as well as a rental electric vehicle program within The Ellinikon grounds.


3- Can you explain how the city calculates its carbon footprint compared with other sustainable cities?
A: As part of a rigorous design process, the design team developed a series of guiding principles that aim to minimize embodied carbon and maximize carbon sequestration, utilizing its proprietary Carbon Conscience tool to assess carbon impact from the early stages of design. By repurposing leftover materials including nearly 30,000 square meters of concrete from the former runways, the design transforms what is normally considered banal into something beautiful, subtly telling the story of the site’s previous use. The Par will be will be operationally net zero carbon at opening and the project carbon neutral by 2055. Ecological restoration was another primary objective, with over one million of plants sourced from within Greece and specifically selected to increase biodiversity and establish a regenerative landscape strategy for region. The design team collaborated with nurseries across Greece to source a palette of native seed mixes. The project is pursuing sustainability certifications for both the landscape and the infrastructure

4- What accreditations does the city have from international organizations?
A – New standards for sustainable urban development are set by the Ellinikon. In addition to LEED certifications for buildings and SITE certifications for landscapes, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions, reducing embodied carbon, restoring natural systems through water conservation strategies, preserving natural resources through sustainable building materials, and adapting to climate change in order to be future-proof. The Riviera Tower is the first project within Ellinikon to be precertified with LEED v4 BD+C at Gold level, a model of sustainable architecture.

5- Are there sensors to reduce energy and water use?
A – Yes, we do have water sensors that will monitor and manage outdoor and indoor water consumption as well as stormwater for the developments within The Ellinikon.


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Ellinikon (Cultural Renewal Project), the largest sustainable city in the world (2-2).

Abu Dhabi Environment Network in and exclusive interview with Lamada Real Estate Development Company in …